Reisei Shugyo

by William Durbin, Soke of Kiyojute Ryu

Spiritual Training

The Titles and Requirements


Kiyojute Ryu Kempo Bugei

Nimpo Kempo Kobujutsu




Haragei is the basic art of spiritual study in regard to Japanese martial arts, it should be viewed as the door to all and at its most advanced level encompassing all.  Haragei literally means the ‘spirit arts’ or ‘arts of the divine spirit’.  As the foundation of everything else, Haragei is a recognition of the spiritual center within each human being.  If the human could be viewed with spiritual eyes and seen beyond the human form, it would be like a sun.  The center of the human located at the Tanden, red field, area is the center of the human sun.  The energy of the human radiates out and should be recognized as a field of energy that goes beyond the human form.  This energy can become sensitive so that a person may sense the threat of ‘evil intention’ and know an attack is coming before an enemy is actually seen.  The training of the Haragei comes from being open and receptive.  Once a person accepts the presence, awareness, and sensitivity of the Haragei, the spiritual energy of the human sun, then that energy, regarded as Ki, can be directed and used in many ways.  The best way to train Haragei is simply doing your martial art with total awareness of what you are doing and the flow of Ki in every technique.


Kijutsu is literally the spirit art and the most well known aspect of Haragei.  If Haragei is looked upon as the realization of the divine energy, then Kijutsu is the idea of focusing that energy into a single beam, much like a flashlight.  The stronger the projection the more that can be accomplished with this in regard to healing, manipulating, and leading Ki.  This allows the use of Ki in the healing arts, which will be mentioned later.  It allows for use of one’s personal Ki in healing and strengthening the human body.  It can also be used to lead an attacker’s Ki so that they are overcome due to their own energy.  Kijutsu is the idea and concept of focusing Ki for whatever use necessary.


Kiaijutsu is the art of focusing Ki into a tighter beam of light comparable to a laser beam.  Whereas the softly focused beam of Kijutsu allows for healing, the more tightly focused beam of Ki in Kiaijutsu is used for damaging.  A properly focused strike hits with an incredible amount of force and can be used to stun, knockout, or cause internal damage.  Kiaijutsu is the real power of the martial arts and can only be developed by someone who no longer seeks victory in competition.  While a certain level of strength may be reached by the competitor, the upper levels of Kiaijutsu are beyond achieving for the competitor, for the mind must achieve Mushin, Munen, and Muso, in order to actually achieve real Kiai.  When one achieves the real Kiai, no shout is necessary to draw upon maximum strength and power.




Aikijutsu is the highest level of personal development of the human being.  Note that this Aiki is written with different Kanji than the martial art.  The meaning here is ‘loving spirit’ and refers to the fact that the martial artist is now filled with the divine love that comes directly from God.  The martial artist who achieves Aiki in this manner has an unconditional love that includes all people, whether of their family, nation, or religion.  While the person at this level usually has a strong sense of right and wrong, they love even those whom they think are in the wrong.  Even an attacker is loved, so that the martial artist at this level seeks to not harm even a single person, even in the most extreme situation of self defense.  However, since the love is properly developed, the martial artist harbors no self destrucvtive, masochistic, or sadistic tendencies.  Thus the true martial artist at this levels seeks to not hurt themselves or others, but is willing to do what is natural to defend themselves and others while doing no more harm than is necessary.  A master of Aiki is a master of love.


Seiho shiatsu kijutsu is the art of healing practiced by the Kiyojute Ryu Kempo Bugei practitioner.  It is a simple method combining three aspects of traditional Oriental healing.  Seiho refers to methods of massage and involves manipulating the skin in gentle circles and movement.  This massage is designed to bring Ki to the area that the hands are massaging.  While the massage is not designed to cause pain, someone who is very ill or whose muscles are extremely weak may feel some pain.  But this is not deep tissue massage, which is considered harmful from a Kiyojute Ryu Kempo point of view.  Shiatsu is finger pressure, but not in the context of acupuncture or acupressure.  The form of Shiatsu is designed to bring a person’s own Ki to the point that needs healing.  Self healing is always best, for it allows a person to continually heal, whereas if you rely on others, it can only encourage and promote personal weakness.  Finger pressure is used around areas that have been injured or along paths to areas of pain, in order to draw Ki into those areas.  The pressure is used around areas that have been injured or along paths to areas of pain, in order to draw Ki into those areas.  The pressure should be moderate, so that a person feels the force but not pain.  Never push directly into a major vein or artery, into a bruise, or into anywhere something may be torn or broken.  Finally the highest level of healing is through Kijutsu, just as in the above concept the Ki is focused in a defuse beam over an area of injury, pain, or discomfort.  The hands should be held over an area, or they may gently touch the surface, according to personal prefeerence and discretion.  Because of modern tendencies towards potential abuse, this art should only be used between people who fully trust eafch other.


Undo ryoho jutsu is the most important aspect of healing.  It should be noted that unless a person is willing to help themselves it is hard to be healed.  Undo refers to physical exercise, while Ryoho refers to a cure for illness.  Thus Undo ryoho is literally the exericse cure.  While any exercise is good, if done correctly, the most important aspect of this cure is moderate, daily exercise.  The Taiso of Kiyojute Ryu Kempo Bugei can be performed daily with no ill side affects, once a person has worked up to the point where they are confortable with the exercises.  According to each person, this can take from six months to one year, and for people who awere extremely sedentary, it may take as long as three years.  But once a person can do it daily, they should do it daily.  Kempo has such a variety of techniques that some Kempo should also be practiced daily.  A person who has to train by themselves should do some Kihon and/or Kata.  If a person has a partner they can perform Kihon Kumite, Renzoku Ken, and/or Embu.  Kempo is the perfect moderate daily training for modern man and allows a person to Undo ryoho, exercise and cure their modern ills.  This form of training is also a perfect method of rehabilitation for many injuries.




Kimejutsu is a highly developed skill that only the serious martial artist and spiritually advanced person can develop.  In religious terms it might be thought of as discernment.  Kime means spirit eye, and it is the ability to look at people and situations then recognize patterns that create and repeat, thus giving a person the ability to see what is coming and what might happen.  This is an important skill in recognizing danger and avoiding it.  Personally it allows you to see the intentions of those around you.  This can help you deal with malicious intent at school, work, and in everyday life, such as walking a stsreet or shopping in a store.  It will forewarm you of threats and dangers.  Beware though, if you are not naturally seeing, which is true Kime, but rather using prejudgement, you can misread a situation and create a situation of self fulfilling prophecy.  Kime is a way of seeing, not a matter of judgement.  Learn to see with you spiritual eyes, not just your physical ones.


Shimmejutsu is one step higher than Kime and instead of seeing with your own spirit, you learn to see with ‘the eyes of God’.  What this means is that you see with total and complete love.  In essence you see the sun of the person, rather than the physical construct, which is of this phenomenal world.  By seeing in this manner you see the potential of each person you meet.  This is a wonderful attribute, but it does come with a certain amount of danger.  God looks at each of us with so much love and seeing the potential that all of us can achieve, but being omniscient He can’t be surprised when a person doesn’t live up to their potential, or if they turn on Him not wanting to be expected to live up to their potential.  While it is important as teachers to view students in a positive light, seeing their potential, and doing all we can to help them, not all students will live up to their potential and sometimes they will turn on you for wanting them to truly be more than they are and spiritually what God designed them to be.  If you are using Shimme to see their light and potential, it is sometimes hard to see any darkness they are manifesting.  The best thing that we can do is look at students from a Kime point of view periodically, while seeing them with Shimme most of the time so that we can see their potential and help them achieve it.


Heiho is the beginning of true martial arts training and the end.  The Heiho we start with is the ‘law of the soldier’ and is the strategy we use for overcoming individual opponents, multiple opponents, and even when fighting with armies.  We advance to the Heiho that we are now looking at, written with different Kanji meaning ‘law of peace’.  It too is a method of strategy, but this strategy begins with peace and ends with peace.  The first peace of this Heiho is inner peace.  Much violence begins when we are attacked on a mental (ego) level and due to insecurity respond with physical action.  If we can find peace within, we have begun to make a more peaceful world, for we are not adding to the violence of the world.  Next we now have the skills to defend ourselves and strive for a more peaceful world by avoiding and ending situations of violence.  Finally we have spiritual peace.  At this level of spiritual/martial arts development, we should know God on a personal level.  We know where we are going to go when this time on the phenomenal world is over and thus are at peace regardless of what is happening in this current manifestation of existence.  A warrior without peace is an ineffective warrior.  But a warrior who knows peace has achieved the true goal of a warrior.

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