Articles by William Durbin, Soke of Kiyojute Ryu
Jute: The Flexible Skill
Three Key Arts of Ninjutsu
Reisei Shugyo
Jesus and Self Defense
Unified Kempo
Christian Insights
Hageshii – Intensity or Violence?
Kempo: The Ancient Ultimate Weapon
What Have We Learned?
Aiki Principle Of The Old System: Kito Ryu
Kiotsuke: Attention, Join Spirits
The Last Inch
Bill "Superfoot" Wallace
The Misunderstood Spy Art Of Japan
Kokoro: The Heart Of A Warrior
The Mental Attitude of Self Defense
Okuden No Jujutsu
Shimbu - Divine Martial Arts
Kempo: Roots and Legends
Odori - The Greatest of All "Secret" Principles
Shaolin Five Animals
The Roots of Ninjutsu
Kata Ido: A Complete Training Method
Ninjutsu: The Complete Perspective
Kan: The Intuitive Mind of the Martial Artist
Kempo No Ritsudo To Nagare: The Rhythm and Flow of the Fist Law of Fighting
Kicking The Way It Was Meant To Be
The Real Secrets of Jujutsu
Say No To The Killer Instinct
Membership in a Ryu
Kimete: The Strength and Power of Traditional Kempo Karate
James Masayoshi Mitose The First American Kempo Master
The Loving Spirit of Kempo
The True Goal Of The Martial Arts Kensho: Seeing The Light
The Misunderstanding of Ki
Nimpo Karumijutsu To Hichojutsu: The Stealth Principle Body Lightening Art and Jumping Art
The Highest Ethics of Self Defense: Real Kempo
Kicking - Okinawan Style
Kenju Bogyo: Gun Defenses
The Nature of Kiyojute Ryu Kempo Bugei
Shimpo: The Law of the Mind
The Heart of Okinawan Bujutsu: Taisabaki-Kaihi (Dodging)
The Multiple Legacy of Daito Ryu
First Lesson: Self Defense
Kempo Health Walking
The Heavenly Art of Kempo
Jo: The Combat Weapon of Japan and Okinawa
Daikento no Kempo: The Great Fist Sword of the Martial Arts
Teaching Grappling: The Combat Way
Embu: Martial Arts Training For Youth Without Competition
Advanced Training with the Hambo: Grappling with the Weapon
Sakugawa's Dojo Kun: The History of the Okinawan Code of Conduct
Combat Judo: The Other Side of the Art
Isan: Heritage
Himitsu Kempo Jujutsu: Okuden - A Secret Tradition
The Final Level
Words of Experience
Kaeshi Waza: Counter Throws Kempo Style
Combat Martial Arts: The Difference
The Worse Thing
Chokes: How to use Strangling Techniques in Real Combat
Blind Tradition
Motobu Palace Tradition
Butoku - Martial Virtues
Ashi Sabaki:
Busan - Martial Creativity
In The City Of Brotherly Love
The Aiki Flow That Prevents Injuries

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